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Fun. Fantasy.
And All the Feels

Dive into the post apocalyptic hellscape. The water’s fine…

Generations after civilization crashed and burned, life ain’t all doom and gloom for eighteen-year-old Sebastian Yun. He’s got his brilliant but prickly traveling companion, an epic tour bus to call home, and an endless supply of dope tunes.

Earth may be a nightmarish landscape, but that’s no reason to stop the music.

When making a pit stop at a small, dusty town, Sebastian runs into a shady old nemesis who totally kills his good vibes.

If you like charismatic characters, offbeat humor, and killer monsters, then you’ll love this YA twist on a post-apocalyptic future perfect for fans of Zombieland.

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When a groupie takes “fanatical” to a monstrous level…

Sebastian should be thrilled to meet an excited admirer who clearly appreciates his genius. Too bad this diehard comes in the form of a gruesome body-snatching creature of evil who preys on mankind.

If you like bantering best friends, quirky humor, and creepy monsters, then you’ll love this YA twist on a post-apocalyptic future perfect for fans of Zombieland.

Pick up So You Survived the End of the World: 2 for a fly, short read today.

Bandits are deadly, but the past is a jerk…

Two things Sebastian Yun never in a million years would have put on his bucket list: Sneaking into the Bandit Queen’s stronghold and dredging up his less-than-awesome past. And yet here he is.

If you like zany adventures, unconventional storytelling, and rowdy marauders, then you’ll love this YA twist on a post-apocalyptic future perfect for fans of Zombieland and Firefly.

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life is so much cooler lived in full color

Capture memories. Celebrate imagination. Piece by piece.

Collage is unique. A whole created from a bunch of separate pieces, it’s kinda like life. None of us are made from one thing, and yet each of us is whole and tells a unique story.

K.C. Cordell

Well, Hello There!

In case you missed the big, bright pink letters above, I’m K.C. Cordell, author of the So You Survived the End of the World series. I like writing about aliens, monsters, and superpowers. I attempted to write my first novel when I was nine. I didn’t finish it, but it’s still floating around. I read it recently. It’s pretty good.

I like reading and watching junk about aliens, monsters, and superpowers too.  Some of my favorite books and shows from my childhood include Animorphs, Ella Enchanted (the book!), Gargoyles, The Amazing Spiderman, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These inspired me to pick up a pen and their influence can still be seen in the writing I do today.

I also do art. Not the important stuff you’d visit in museums or would be forced to study in school. But I’m fine without the oodles accolades or collectors slapping down briefcases stuffed with a bajillion dollars to procure my work. I said I’m FINE, okay? And I don’t want to talk about it. Ignore the tears streaming down my face. I’m cutting onions is all! 


 I hope to one day own a t-shirt with an alpaca wearing an afro on it. If I ever got a puppy, I would name him Kiba. Thanks to once upon a time reading many, MANY books on the topic to my nephew, I’m pretty good at pronouncing dinosaur names. My favorite to say is pachycephalosaurus.



But I totally had to look up how to spell it.

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